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Peter Chen’s ice harvest video from Tully, NY, offers example of multimedia storytelling

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Now that you have all finished your own ice harvest multimedia storytelling projects, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what a professional did. This is a video by University of Southern Mississippi instructor Peter Chen (my husband) that he shot and edited while working for The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, NY.

Take a look at his blog post and how it tells enough of the story to whet your appetite and fill in the blanks of the story, so it all makes sense. He also uses text in the blog post and the video to tell you that the event took place in Tully, near Syracuse, NY. Why might he have included “Syracuse,” rather than just say it took place in Tully?

Also, note the length. It is short, but not too short. Note the length of the video, as well. It’s just more than 2 minutes. That’s a lot of editing! Let’s talk about how he put it together and how it compares to what you did.


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May 1, 2013 at 5:35 pm

Ice Harvesting

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Gordon Howard explains the process of ice harvesting on Green Lake during the Tully Ice Harvest Festival in Tully, New York.  The footage for this video was filmed in February 2009.

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May 1, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Vintage Public Service Announcements

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Vintage PSAs

I thought these few short Public Service Announcement videos were very interesting because they show how far we’ve come both in multimedia as well as socially. This video is just one example. If you click the link above, there are lots more.

It’s hard to believe some of the things they said in a few of these, and I guess ’10 Terrible Vintage PSAs That Should Stay in the Past’ is an adequate title for this article.


South City Records holds its first music festival downtown

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This is an example of multimedia storytelling through video news story. On Saturday, April 13, I ventured down to Main Street in downtown Hattiesburg where South City Records, an independent student-run music label, held its first music festival. The festival was a free event and was open to the public. The music started at 4pm and included artists K. Juan, Roundhouse Groove, The Drew Young Band, Pell, Cardinal Sons and Oh, Jeremiah. The festival, coinciding with the Art Walk, brought out a large crowd of all ages.

The Southern Pines Animal Shelter Pet Photography Project (Video Assignment)

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Southern Pines Animal Shelter has started a volunteer group called the Pet Photography Project to help promote adoptable animals at the shelter.I talk to founding member and coordinator Rachael Fairchild in my video. Photos are posted daily on their Facebook page.

“Accidental Racist” Causes Controversy

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On Monday, April 8, 2013, Brad Paisley released his new single “Accidental Racist.” Featuring guest performer LL Cool J, the song talks about the issue of racism. In the song, Paisley takes on the role of a white Southerner while LL Cool J acts as an African-American from the North. The song addresses the issues of slavery and racism in the past and how they still connect to present day.

While to me it sounded like people should be praising this song for trying to break down barriers, ever since the song’s release the news media has been attacking this song for how misguided it is. Some have said that racism is a sensitive topic that needs to be talked about carefully, not in a country music song.

I heard a lot about how bad this song was and how releasing this song was a mistake, but I can’t quite tell what the issue is. I had no problem at all finding videos of people talking about the song, but I couldn’t even find the video for the actual song. From what I have heard of the song so far, it seems as if Paisley was actually trying to portray a positive message. It talks about how we should not judge others simply by their appearance. It probably could have been handled a better way, but at least it gets people thinking about the issue. At least, hopefully it does. Paisley wanted to people to think about how in our “modern” society, racism is still such a big issue. Instead of talking about why this is still around, people are just focusing on how this song shouldn’t have been released. I just hope with all of the publicity this song is getting, maybe people that wouldn’t usually listen to country music will listen to this song and think about this issue that we still have to deal with every day.

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April 10, 2013 at 7:24 pm

Coffee Portraitures

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Aside from this being a very interesting topic for a video, I think this demonstrates what we’ve been learning in class, which is the five shot rule.

This video opens with a close up of somebody pouring coffee into a cup, and talking in the background. Then there is a wider shot of him working. By about the sixth shot, we finally see the subject, Mike Breach, who is the artist of the coffee portraits.

I found this video to be very interesting, and it definitely drew me in and kept me watching. The shots are in a logical order and it makes sense. It makes for a great story the way everything is set up.

You can find more of Breach’s coffee portraitures on his Tumblr.

This was featured on This is Colossal, an art blog.

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April 5, 2013 at 7:51 pm