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Privacy Laws & Street Photography

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Protecting Privacy, Limiting Street Photography

This was a very interesting read. This article talks about the right to people’s privacy and photographers taking pictures in public places. Nick Turpin says, “I believe that what happens in a public place should be a matter of public record, as is the case in the United Kingdom…”

Some people believe that if you’re going to photograph someone, you should ask their permission. However, that really alters the context for the photo; something that photographers do not want to do.

There are some places that have laws in place, like Article 9 in France, that states everyone has a right to their private life. That is conflicting with photographers who take pictures of people in public. People view photographers as suspicious.

The article says, “Ms. Filippetti argued that it was unacceptable to prevent professional photographers from sharing their vision of the world with future generations.”

“Without them, our society doesn’t have a face,” she said. “Because of this law, we run the risk of losing our memory.”

I completely agree with Filippetti. Photography is a source of remembrance in today’s society; pictures tell a story in their own way and bring back the past. If people try to limit that, we may lose moments that could have been preserved through a photo lens. Photography is an important storytelling method.



Time Travel Project

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The Time Travel Project

This is a link to a series of photos by Flora Borsi called the “Time Travel Project,” in which she inserts herself into iconic images. I thought these were very interesting and kind of funny. Her expressions are priceless. These photographs show some pretty great editing skills on the photographer’s part. It looks as though she is actually in these places at that time. I like how she personalized them and made them into a whole new story, one about what it would be like if she could time travel. It’s very inventive.

Just thought this was a fun use of creativity. It sure seems like Borsi enjoyed doing this.

A Star On The Rise: Jana Bounds

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A sit-down interview with 20 year old, Jana Bounds. She’s definitely someone to be looking out for over the next few years as she sings her way, and plays her ukelele, to the top!

Southern Miss Quidditch

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This is a video story I created about the Southern Miss Quidditch team.

This was their last practice on the intramural fields at USM, a week before they left for the World Cup in Kissimmee, Fla.

Southern Miss Association for Black Journalists: Honoree Lecture

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The Southern Miss Association for Black Journalists held a honoree lecture on Monday evening to honor Ms. Riva Brown-Teague commence its Heritage Week 2013. Ms. Teague is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. She also serves as a graduate teaching assistant in the School of Mass Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Teague holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and news editorial and a master’s degree in public relations from Southern Miss, where she will earn a doctorate in mass communication later this year. During her undergraduate years, she wrote an independent publication entitled ” The Unheard Word”, in which she acts as voice for African-American students. She was also the first African-American executive editor of the Student Printz.

Born in New Orleans and although reared in a small Hancock County community called Catahoula, she is an award-winning journalist and public relations professional. She has worked for the Sun Herald, Clarion Ledger and even several other stories such as Hurricane Katrina. She has also worked as an independent PR consultant and a technical writer for Northrop Grumman.

Teague has had much success over the years; however, she has various challenges along her way. In the video, she mentions some of those challenges and childhood memories of why she motivated herself. Thus, allowing her to be where she is today.

2013 Mississippi Science Olympiad

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On Friday, March 22, 2013 I had the chance to cover the Mississippi Science Olympiad at the University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg campus. This audio slide show is the result of my coverage.

I went to several events and took pictures at each, and interviewed Sheila Hendry, the director of the event, to get a sense of what some of the events are all about.

I had a lot of fun covering this event. I got to see first hand what went in to each of the science experiments and capture junior high and high school students at work through my photography.

It was a great experience for me as a budding journalist.

Photography Assignment

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I took this picture in Cancun next to my hotel. It shows lines as the many concrete blocks stack and line down into the ocean. It’s also a form of depth perspective where the blocks are bigger up close but narrow as they go deeper into the ocean.


This is another picture I took in Cancun. My dad has a pose he does in front of every new place we travel to. This picture shows not only a long/wide shot because it is at a distance. It also displays scale by having my dad standing next to two large pillars.


My friends and I drove around the country when we were bored one day. This is a picture of one of those friends and myself displaying rule of thirds. We are offset from the whole picture making it more interesting with the little house in the background. I added a more vintage filter to make the picture more interesting and appealing to the eye.


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