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Photography Assignment

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I took this picture in Cancun next to my hotel. It shows lines as the many concrete blocks stack and line down into the ocean. It’s also a form of depth perspective where the blocks are bigger up close but narrow as they go deeper into the ocean.


This is another picture I took in Cancun. My dad has a pose he does in front of every new place we travel to. This picture shows not only a long/wide shot because it is at a distance. It also displays scale by having my dad standing next to two large pillars.


My friends and I drove around the country when we were bored one day. This is a picture of one of those friends and myself displaying rule of thirds. We are offset from the whole picture making it more interesting with the little house in the background. I added a more vintage filter to make the picture more interesting and appealing to the eye.



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March 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Photography Assignment

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This photo demonstrates the rule of thirds. The stop sign is in the far right corner of the picture while the road takes up the majority of the rest of the picture. I was passing through Lumberton on my way to the coast with some friends when we came across this road and its peculiar name. I thought it was interesting so we stopped and took pictures of it.


This demonstrates depth of field. The flower is the main focus, and the background is blurred to bring the viewer’s attention straight to it. The picture has a small depth of field. Every year these flowers pop up around my house, and they’re my favorite. It had just rained the night before I took this and you can see that the petals are kind of shriveled and wilted.

Arizona 058

This photo demonstrates perspective. From this point of view, it appears the saguaro cactus is very tall. The way I took this photo shows how it appeared to me when I was standing by it. I took this on my recent trip to Arizona when I visited the Saguaro National Park in Tucson. It was a clear day and the lighting was perfect for this photo.

Hotel Views That Will Make You Gasp for Air!

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This slideshow on CNN’s website based around stunning photos of hotel views is practically unreal. Imagine yourself standing on a balcony with a nice, refreshing drink in your hand and watching the sun set with that special someone…or your pet cat. Whatever the case may be, place yourself in that ultimate fantasy setting where reality is a thing of the past and your entire atmosphere is beyond beautiful. This best sums of my reaction after seeing 7 of the world’s most breathtaking hotel views.

Each photo is perfectly composed and the setting of each picture really draws you in. I really think had it not been for the photographer taking such amazing shots, the impact of the slideshow would not have been as effective as it was by looking at how vibrant all the colors are and the way the natural environment plays a crucial role with each hotel establishment.

Another good note was the use of text at the bottom of the page to give a brief synopsis of each hotel, its view, the history behind the city/hotel and any other information that the viewer might want to know or didn’t know about these specific destinations. Pictures can truly tell a thousand words, and I feel as journalists, we each owe it to our readers/viewers to provide them with the best quality in photography or video for the most part.

A topic such as 9/11 is so riveting, but do you honestly think that without well-composed pictures, the world would be able to feel the pain that those people felt on that day? Pictures invite us into someone else’s world with each glance we take at them. This example really proves that a well-composed shot will take you away from your surroundings and place you into a different mind-frame. I guess that’s why books have pictures huh?

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