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Photography Assignment

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I took this picture in Cancun next to my hotel. It shows lines as the many concrete blocks stack and line down into the ocean. It’s also a form of depth perspective where the blocks are bigger up close but narrow as they go deeper into the ocean.


This is another picture I took in Cancun. My dad has a pose he does in front of every new place we travel to. This picture shows not only a long/wide shot because it is at a distance. It also displays scale by having my dad standing next to two large pillars.


My friends and I drove around the country when we were bored one day. This is a picture of one of those friends and myself displaying rule of thirds. We are offset from the whole picture making it more interesting with the little house in the background. I added a more vintage filter to make the picture more interesting and appealing to the eye.



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March 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Behind the Picture: The photo that changed the face of AIDS

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Behind the Picture: The photo that changed the face of AIDS

In the early 90’s a journalism student named Therese Frere started volunteering at an AIDS hospice and photographed the horrific effects of the disease. Her work was pivotal in changing the public’s perspective on HIV and AIDS. The public viewed it as a controversial disease that effected the outer fringes of society, and had no personal personal effect on them, even though many people were infected unknowingly by blood transfusions and other means.

This essay about a young gay activist, his friend and caregiver Peta, and his parents is utterly heartbreaking and captivating. The images just knock the breath out of you with their crushing devastation. 

Frere’s work contributed to the public’s understanding of the disease and how it can effect anyone.

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December 1, 2012 at 10:21 pm