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University of Southern Mississippi takes a lost to Memphis

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This is a great sports story on the Southern Miss basketball team game against Memphis. Memphis is known as our rival school when it comes to basketball so this game was definitely a big deal. I love how they talked about the key players in this story. This is also a good example of an unbiased sports story.


Written by dawntaewynn

February 12, 2013 at 9:39 pm

Is God Not Cool?

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NPR reported that a third of americas under the age of thirty are not affiliated with any religious organizations.

A Jew, MIriam Nisley explained that she participates in Jewish traditions because sitting quietly and alone helps her with her thoughts, she said.

Religion is based on faith. It is all about the faith one has. Basically, If one were to look at from this point of view, then nothing in the Bible or other religious books is based on facts. Its all on what him/her believes.

Yusef Ahmad, a Muslime, claimed that from the time he was a child he had trouble believing that a human begin, Abraham, heard a voice telling him to sacrifice his son. And as he begins to sacrifice his son, he turns into a goat.

Now, this story does sound ridiculous. If someone were to say that today, he/she would be considered crazy. And sent to an asylum.

Today, even in the south, the world is more liberal than it was decades ago.  Younger generations are not experiencing the same hardships as their parents. For this reason, it is not imperative that he/she believe in a higher power. Whereas, decades ago, when times seemed hard, believing in God gave one hope that he/she would rise up from the mire.

Written by dvrobertson80

January 23, 2013 at 6:46 pm

Kim Kardashian: “Ok, ok, I am putting myself on the worst dress list for this outfit!”

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And she has every right to! After strutting her stuff in a too-big neon jacket paired with a tight, leathered mini skirt, while filming in Florida for “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,” the reality star admitted “The mirror was lying to me this day!” This example magnifies how a single photo can spawn several stories.

The article, featured on Yahoo Tv!, features a huge photo of Kim in her horrible ensemble. I find this example intriguing because the composition of the photo is what really draws in the audience – that and the fact that no one has ever seen Kim Kardashian exhibit bad fashion taste. The photo’s quality is impeccable and the viewer can really get a good look of what Kim was wearing. From her head to her toes, the visual is stunning – minus the outfit. It’s almost as if the viewer’s job is to judge the photo for themselves and after looking at it, and reading the article, come up with your own opinion of whether you thought it was stylish or pure trash, and that’s pretty much the intent with any multimedia news story, the writer must provide you with several elements in the story so you can ultimately decide what you think. The writer is only there to mediate.

I also noticed that there was a video provided underneath the article, and it was basically about the Kardashian sisters’ clothing line. This article took a somewhat negative issue (Kim’s outfit) and spun it into something else by promoting the Kardashian brand by providing the video at the end. It was a clever way to turn the story around and end with a lighter note instead focusing so much attention on Kim’s bad outfit which wasn’t that bad.

Ultimately, this example shows us that with one horrible outfit and a Kardashian, you’ve pretty much got your headline.

Written by williamcrosby301

October 20, 2012 at 4:54 pm

CNN pre-debate slide show displays photography rules

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Here is another example of a multimedia story on the topic of the election that I think can give you some good food for thought. It’s a slide show with captions (no audio). Note how the creator used captions to elaborate and expand on the photo — not just describe what’s in the picture.

Also, there is much variety in these pictures in terms of angle, composition, framing and the rule of thirds. Notice in particular the shot of Mitt Romney where he is in the very front of the frame with a small depth of field. Think about how the shot would be different if the photographer choose different (larger) depth of field.

I also thought the picture of Romney walking was pretty interesting because the photographer shot it from the side, instead of probably the more expected way — from the front. Why? Think about how shooting the picture this way offers some of the repetition demonstrated in the picture of the row of cars at the car show that we discussed in class.

Written by bloggingmom67

October 3, 2012 at 1:37 pm