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Privacy Laws & Street Photography

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Protecting Privacy, Limiting Street Photography

This was a very interesting read. This article talks about the right to people’s privacy and photographers taking pictures in public places. Nick Turpin says, “I believe that what happens in a public place should be a matter of public record, as is the case in the United Kingdom…”

Some people believe that if you’re going to photograph someone, you should ask their permission. However, that really alters the context for the photo; something that photographers do not want to do.

There are some places that have laws in place, like Article 9 in France, that states everyone has a right to their private life. That is conflicting with photographers who take pictures of people in public. People view photographers as suspicious.

The article says, “Ms. Filippetti argued that it was unacceptable to prevent professional photographers from sharing their vision of the world with future generations.”

“Without them, our society doesn’t have a face,” she said. “Because of this law, we run the risk of losing our memory.”

I completely agree with Filippetti. Photography is a source of remembrance in today’s society; pictures tell a story in their own way and bring back the past. If people try to limit that, we may lose moments that could have been preserved through a photo lens. Photography is an important storytelling method.



Vintage Public Service Announcements

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Vintage PSAs

I thought these few short Public Service Announcement videos were very interesting because they show how far we’ve come both in multimedia as well as socially. This video is just one example. If you click the link above, there are lots more.

It’s hard to believe some of the things they said in a few of these, and I guess ’10 Terrible Vintage PSAs That Should Stay in the Past’ is an adequate title for this article.


Jazz in Hattiesburg

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Just over a hundred miles away from New Orleans and yet the jazz is not something that comes natural to the people of Hattiesburg.

However there are people doing their best to keep it alive and develop a local jazz scene: New orleanians, locals, faculty members, club owners etc.

Find out where does the slowly growing jazz scene of Hattiesburg is available to you, now!

Written by Noé Cugny

April 17, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Southern Miss Quidditch

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This is a video story I created about the Southern Miss Quidditch team.

This was their last practice on the intramural fields at USM, a week before they left for the World Cup in Kissimmee, Fla.