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The Southern Pines Animal Shelter Pet Photography Project (Video Assignment)

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Southern Pines Animal Shelter has started a volunteer group called the Pet Photography Project to help promote adoptable animals at the shelter.I talk to founding member and coordinator Rachael Fairchild in my video. Photos are posted daily on their Facebook page.


Mississippi Science Olympiad 2013

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Mississippi Science Olympiad was held on March 22, 2013 at Southern Miss. I had the distinct privilege of interviewing several outstanding students about their experience with Science Olympiad.

Written by Anthony P

April 3, 2013 at 7:44 am

USA Today ranks Golden Eagle Harlem Shake video #1

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This video ranked #1 on USA Today among college basketball versions of the “Harlem Shake,” a new dancing fad that is all over YouTube.
USA Today commends the Golden Eagles for their production quality, and that really is what makes #1. I can tell a lot of thought went into making this video, and it’s just fun! USM went beyond doing just the dance and added some extra humor to it.

It’s a great video.


Written by Leah

February 26, 2013 at 3:40 pm

The State of the Black Union Address- (Men of Excellence)

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In light of black history month, the Men of Excellence hosted their 12th annual State of the Black Union Address in the Trent Lott Center on The University of Southern Mississippi campus. Men of Excellence is student and community service based organization that strives to better the images of all males on campus individually and collectively through program enrichment. The State of the Union Address consist of a panel of student leaders and professors who answer questions concerning problematic issues within the African-American community such as racial diversity, gender equality, socioeconomic backgrounds, the importance of higher education and African-American educators within schools. The event was a success. The individuals on the panel gave responses in a way that we as the audience could feel how they were raised in the African-American community.

The State of the Black Union Panel consisted of:  Donald Holmes – senior english major with a minor in black studies; Davontae Washington – senior business management major;  Dr. Cheryl Jenkins – assistant professor in the school of mass communication and journalism; Dr. Kevin Greene – visiting assistant professor of african american history;  Gay Polk Payton – Forrest county justice court judge, general practitioner of Polk Payton Law office and adjunct faculty member for the Southern Miss department of Human Performance and Recreation; Nayarda Robinson – branch officer of Bancorp South bank and serves as an officer in the United States Air Force Reserves .

As African-Americans, we never truly get to listen and observe the issues that plague our communities or the ways in which individuals create preconceived notions about us as a race. Nevertheless, it was evident that the panel as well as the audience agreed that being an African-American in society beyond the color of our skin. Attorney General for the student government association, Donald Holmes said being black does simply correlate to his skin color. ” Being black has a lot to do with one’s culture and how you contribute to your society . The idea of soul food, the blues, vernacular forms of music and ebonics are fixated within the African-American community. Nevertheless, I am proud African-American male who diligently contributes to my society. Being black should always be used as a positive testament to the struggles of African-Americans in society,” said Holmes.

After hearing Holmes response, this issue as well as the other issues touched me in a motivational way. I pride myself on being successful but also being a successful African-American male in society. As I look around society, many of my fellow people do not value the importance of higher education, come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, do not appreciate the few African-American professors who worked hard to educate the needs of students and women are challenged more in regards to their career aspirations. With that being said, as a race, we have to continue to progress and motivate one another to be successful. When he each other accountable in the ways in which it is beneficial to one’s success, we can better the image of our race in society and establish brighter futures within our communities.

State of the Black Union Address

Written by Wilton Jackson

February 17, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Hattiesburg Hit with EF4 tornado

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Shortly after 5p.m. on February 10th,2013  Hattiesburg experience the wrath of a EF4 tornado. It is a day  Hattiesburg residents will remember years from now.

The tornado had winds of 170 MPH. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. The tornado damaged eight buildings on the Southern Miss campus. The alumni House was destroyed. Over 60 people were treated at hospitals. The good news is there were no fatalities.

The majority of Southern Miss students were off campus. There were some students who stayed on campus. They were brought to the first floor of their resident halls during the tornado. Jimmy Johns provided sandwiches for residents of Roberts Hall.

There were road blocks around campus, and students that were not on campus received an eagle alert warning them to stay away from campus until further notice. There were cars that have been severely damaged Sunday afternoon. President Barack Obama declared a federal disaster in Mississippi.

There was a campus cleanup Wednesday for students and volunteers that wanted to help clean the campus. Hundreds of volunteers came out to help. Volunteers meet at the Theater and Dance Building and were assigned certain areas to clean up.  Much of the trees and debris that blocked the roads were cleaned up.

Scott Peak of the Base hunters storm chase team recorded the video below of the tornado as it made its way into Hattiesburg.

Written by Anthony P

February 17, 2013 at 9:30 am

USM’s Stage Monkeys do not disappoint

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Each member of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Stage Monkeys started off Thursday night’s show in Joseph A. Greene Hall by lurking through the audience toward the stage while singing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” a song from the Disney movie “Mulan.” This was very fitting for their theme, which was just quirky randomness.

The audience seemed to be mostly made up of regulars, with just a few first timers like me. Blake Bush, a first time spectator of the Stage Monkeys, quite liked the musical touch and enjoyed the show.

I wondered if all shows started off like this. When I asked if the Stage Monkeys always open with a song, Kacee Courtney, a psychology major at USM and a fan of the comedy troupe, confirmed they did not, and that “it’s just random.” In fact, that is how the host opened the show after the impromptu Disney song. “It’s completely random,” he said.

The monkeys, as they call themselves, performed a variety of improv skits pulled from a hat in front of a very receptive audience that was full of ideas and suggestions. Voices were muddled together when the signal was given by the host of the show to yell out suggestions, and audience members eagerly volunteered for the chance to pull a skit from the hat.

After the skit was chosen, the host of the show gave the gist of what the skit consisted of and the Stage Monkeys acted it out. The audience snapped their fingers when an actor was close to the correct answer of whatever issues another actor had or when an item or phrase was mentioned, and clapped loudly when the answer was right.

The Stage Monkeys were creative and competent with their quick wit and acting skills; they never let an awkward silence pass, and were quick with jokes and humor that the college crowd understood.

I think with every comedy show there is much to be unexpected, and that makes the show that much better. Every show is different from the last.

This was my first time seeing the Stage Monkeys perform, and I absolutely loved it! I loved the spontaneity and the quick wit. There was never a dull moment. I look forward to attending more shows, and I hope more people will discover the hilarity that is USM’s Stage Monkeys.


Written by Leah

February 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm

USM takes a hit from Memphis (Assignment 1)

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Saturday afternoon, February 9th 7,864 people gathered in  Southern Miss’s Coliseum for the highly anticipated “whiteout” game (everyone wore white) against the Memphis Tigers. With a extended weekend ahead of the student body, they joined to watch as our Men’s Basketball team took on Memphis. This game was built up on so much positive energy after USM beat Memphis last season for the first time in over a decade. But all good things most come to an end, and the significance of last season’s win was surely over-thrown by this loss. The Golden Eagles loss with a final score of 89-76. This makes for their 6th loss of the season standing currently at 19-6 statistic (After winning Tulane on Feb. 13th). Even though Memphis did not travel to Hattiesburg, MS to play coy, shooting at 56 percent from the field, Southern Miss showed tremendous fight lead by Senior Dwayne Davis, putting up 25 points alone. With a roster like ours and that same fight, communication, and skill that the team identifies, they are undoubtedly not letting a lose like this slow them down.

Jonathan Mills

Written by annafrancis2013

February 16, 2013 at 8:49 am