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Prince William and Duchess Kate expecting

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I’m not British and I normally don’t care when particular celebrities are expecting. However, I’m a fan of Duchess Kate. She is beautiful, classy and well-respected and I am thrilled over the news that she’s expecting. In the midst of fiscal cliff chaos and countries fighting with each other, this is similar to a breath of fresh air. There is no video with this article, nor does it need one, but it goes into detail about Duchess Kate’s hospitalization with acute morning sickness, which is being reported to normally occur when a woman is pregnant with twins. This article also discusses Prince William and Duchess Kate’s family and that their child, boy or girl, will be third in line for the throne of king or queen. It also informed me of something I didn’t already know – Britain and other countries with queens as monarchs agreed to change the rules of royal succession so that males, regardless of age, would no longer have precedence as heir. This was done also to lift a ban on a future monarch marrying a Catholic. What I liked most about this story is that it wasn’t simply, “Kate’s pregnant…wonder what she will have?!” It went into more detail about her hospitalization, royal family and the future of the child.

Either way, I’m still happy for them.

“We have seen her with children and she is lovely with them, she’s got the natural touch, and her parents run a party business and she has spent a lot of time with children,” Joseph said. “(William) he has always talked about wanting children, so I am sure he is delighted.” – MSN 


Written by jenniferhlowe

December 3, 2012 at 8:21 pm