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Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon

The horrible tragedy in Boston has once again made our nation stand together as one and pray. I found an incredible article in the Time Lightbox, “Tragedy at the Boston Marathon: One Photographer’s Eye Witness Account.”

When things like this happen in our country, or anywhere in the world really, my first instinct is to be sad. My second instinct is to go there and take pictures. People sometimes give photojournalist a hard time for photographing terrible scenes. But the truth is, we wouldn’t care as much, or pray as much, or give as much support if we couldn’t actually see what’s happened. I believe that seeing the terrible scenes and reliving it as though you were there are what brings us together to love and pray and support one another. Basically, cut photojournalists some slack. You need to see how bad it is in order for you to care.


Written by ijanah

April 18, 2013 at 5:31 pm