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Tyra Banks Channels Inner “Catwoman” for Photoshoot

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In this article courtesy of Yahoo!, Tyra Banks proves to us she still has it even after retiring from modeling. The 38-year old entrepreneur, most known for being the host of America’s Next Top Model, recently took part in a photo-shoot for WestEast magazine in which she gets in touch with her inner feline in what appears to be one of her most risqué photo-shoots to date.

Banks, who’s known for her signature catwalk and being the creator of “smizing”, took to twitter and posted each picture from the shoot with different captions explaining each photo in her own words and also comparing her looks to the likes of pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, but what I realized I liked about this article was that it really took the use of print and pictures and combined them effectively so the reader had no choice but to read the print.

This example reminded me of the method we first learned in kindergarten when we’d read those simple books with the giant pictures. Having that picture on that page as a kid made everything in print make sense. This article was like a picture-story. As the article progressed it would go from each photo from the shoot and describe it along with additional information related to the picture. The article would not have worked without the pictures because the photos were the focal point of the entire article.

I kind of liked how the writer would use what Banks tweeted about the photos in the article. It was a smart way to include social media in this multimedia example. The article was told really well, and I feel the creator, Suzy Bryne, accomplished her goal of getting the read to ultimately follow the story opposed to just reading it. I feel that this method of multimedia really elevates print news without overshadowing it.


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November 29, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Hotel Views That Will Make You Gasp for Air!

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This slideshow on CNN’s website based around stunning photos of hotel views is practically unreal. Imagine yourself standing on a balcony with a nice, refreshing drink in your hand and watching the sun set with that special someone…or your pet cat. Whatever the case may be, place yourself in that ultimate fantasy setting where reality is a thing of the past and your entire atmosphere is beyond beautiful. This best sums of my reaction after seeing 7 of the world’s most breathtaking hotel views.

Each photo is perfectly composed and the setting of each picture really draws you in. I really think had it not been for the photographer taking such amazing shots, the impact of the slideshow would not have been as effective as it was by looking at how vibrant all the colors are and the way the natural environment plays a crucial role with each hotel establishment.

Another good note was the use of text at the bottom of the page to give a brief synopsis of each hotel, its view, the history behind the city/hotel and any other information that the viewer might want to know or didn’t know about these specific destinations. Pictures can truly tell a thousand words, and I feel as journalists, we each owe it to our readers/viewers to provide them with the best quality in photography or video for the most part.

A topic such as 9/11 is so riveting, but do you honestly think that without well-composed pictures, the world would be able to feel the pain that those people felt on that day? Pictures invite us into someone else’s world with each glance we take at them. This example really proves that a well-composed shot will take you away from your surroundings and place you into a different mind-frame. I guess that’s why books have pictures huh?

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November 15, 2012 at 7:15 pm

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Profile Piece: Life of a Track Star and Aspiring Model

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This video, for my MCJ300 course, exemplifies the use of multimedia with taking the element of audio and combining it with b-roll to make a bigger impact to the viewer. “Model Athlete” depicts the life of a college student balancing his roles as a runner for USM’s track team and being a member of Picture Perfect Models. The video gives the viewer a glimpse into Derrick Johnson’s life as a hard-working athlete and top model.