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Is God Not Cool?

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NPR reported that a third of americas under the age of thirty are not affiliated with any religious organizations.

A Jew, MIriam Nisley explained that she participates in Jewish traditions because sitting quietly and alone helps her with her thoughts, she said.

Religion is based on faith. It is all about the faith one has. Basically, If one were to look at from this point of view, then nothing in the Bible or other religious books is based on facts. Its all on what him/her believes.

Yusef Ahmad, a Muslime, claimed that from the time he was a child he had trouble believing that a human begin, Abraham, heard a voice telling him to sacrifice his son. And as he begins to sacrifice his son, he turns into a goat.

Now, this story does sound ridiculous. If someone were to say that today, he/she would be considered crazy. And sent to an asylum.

Today, even in the south, the world is more liberal than it was decades ago.  Younger generations are not experiencing the same hardships as their parents. For this reason, it is not imperative that he/she believe in a higher power. Whereas, decades ago, when times seemed hard, believing in God gave one hope that he/she would rise up from the mire.


Written by dvrobertson80

January 23, 2013 at 6:46 pm