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Ole Miss slide show marking 50th anniversary of James Meredith integration offers good example of multimedia storyteling

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This is an audio slide show that Ole Miss photojournalism students produced along with their professor about the 50-year anniversay of James Meredith’s integration into the university. It is a fine example of multimedia journalism, and how multimedia tools can enhance storytelling abilities.

The anniversary is this year, and Ole Miss has organized a series of events to mark and remember the day in 1962 when the first African-American students tried to attend the school.

I shared this slide show because it gives a very good example of using audio and different types of photos. The audio is of a person talking, expressing opinions, or sharing ideas. The photos, however, are not just pictures of that person. There is a variety of shots — using different angles — to make the story visually interesting.

Think about how boring this slide show would be if it just had headshots of people with their audio in the background. Or if the pictures all looked the same.

This is what you should be aiming for in your slide show project, which we will be discussing more this week.


Written by bloggingmom67

October 2, 2012 at 2:29 pm