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The Perception of Maggot Therapy

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Some people clinch at thought of Maggot Therapy, it unrealistic to have a procedure done at this magnitude. In the observation of the doctors and diabetics this Therapy is believe to be the best option. When I watched this video my initial thought was to turn away and to not watch this horrific scene. As an inspiring young videographer I understand that everything you film will not be great but will be meaningful. The cliché the grass is not always greener on the other side is so true. If the truth be told I may one day be faced with a situation like this; however, the way I handle things will ultimately determine my piece. I think it is imperative to suck it up and do the task at hand. Whether the environment smells bad, hot or cold I still have a job to perform. My job is depending on me to pull out a great story such as this one. As a videographer is it my duty to cover this assignment very well. I felt that the piece was done very professional. The cameraman kept his composure throughout the whole interview. Which I thought was very remarkable due to the intensity of the smell. Just by watching the video of Maggot Therapy, my stomach immediately began to turn cartwheels. It takes a professional to recognize how to maintain his composure during the worst of times. The overall outcome of the piece was very rewarding. A diabetic woman was able to keep her foot even though the odds were not in her favor. This was a great piece on Maggot Therapy, which I though was very informative and interesting. Who knew that Maggot Therapy could be used to help humans that suffer with many different infirmities? I applauded the woman for being a trooper. When you have done all you can try Maggot Therapy. This may be the best option.


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November 16, 2013 at 6:36 am

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