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Susan Broadbridge: Celebrity before/after photoshop

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As a photographer I like to capture people, events and reality as it appears.  Looking at these pictures of celebrities being Photoshopped represents how  sometimes media is a lie.  Media can easily be manipulated and this is a perfect example.   No one looks like that, there is not one person in the world that doesn’t have wrinkles or pimples on their face.  When society looks at pictures like these, they learn or appear to grasp the concept that is how celebrities look like and that is how I should look like.  This pulls people’s self esteem down dramatically.  I once read  that after a young girl or even an older woman looks through a magazine, that they have no confidence in themselves because they look nothing like the images.  This is false advertisement for the world. People would rather appreciate what real women look like in magazines or the internet because they could relate to them. No girl or guy can relate to these airbrushed photos because no one in reality looks like that. People don’t want to live in a world with lies. Who can we trust?  Maybe some people do not realize how much celebrities and models are manipulated through Photoshop.  I feel as if this issue is growing and that people are realizing the problem.  The only thing is that how could you stop magazines and the media from doing this? Can we? Maybe so.  I am sure there are even celebrities that are not okay with their bodies being Photoshopped.  They other problem is that maybe some celebrities do want this to happen.  Some could appreciate that they want to look better for their fans and the world. Hopefully this manipulation will slow down and disappear from socity.


Written by bloggingmom67

November 21, 2013 at 10:06 pm

Posted in multimedia

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