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The story on NPR about the photographer who did not ask the name of the woman he photographed during her time of grief really made me mad. I found myself frustrated while we were discussing the story and what happened because I think that if you’re going to invade a person’s personal space, especially if he or she is the ONLY subject in your shot, then you should ask for a name or at least speak to the person after. I think it shows respect and dignity. 
This photographer messed up because he didn’t ask for her name or at least shake her hand after he took a photo of her in her most private moments of grief. Although his news outlet may not require a name or any sort of identifier, and YES, he can say that it was a newsworthy event so no permission from spectators is needed, but all it takes is just waiting around for a few minutes and saying a few words to her after she stood up and wiped her face off. It’s too precious of a moment to be ruined by someone treating her as if she was less than human. I have an issue with photographers not asking for the name of someone in private moments like these, where there is obviously only one person in the frame. 
Although I do wonder if the photographer had asked for her name, would she have been so angry her photo was taken? Would she still be extremely angry that she was “treated like a circus animal?” I think no matter what this photographer did, she would have been upset with her photo being used, with or without her name attached to it. 

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November 21, 2013 at 9:33 pm

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