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By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Coachella Lives On

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Coachella. It’s one of the west’s largest music festival. Starting in 1999, Coachella attendees have skyrocketed drastically. The stretch of varied artists plays a huge part in drawing in the crowd with genres ranging from indie folk to electronica funk. This year’s giant music festival was weighed down by one issue: the unbearable about of dust. Many Coachella goers, especially the Weekend 2 attendees, complained that the dust problem, caused by the bare grounds from walkers, kept them from watching some acts.
As Coachella becomes more and more popular, many celebrities take part in the festivities associated with the two weekend music party. Stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, and Paris Hilton all updated their Instagrams daily. The whole main cast of the hit ABC Family television series, Pretty Little Liars, was also in attendance for the event. Even if they didn’t hit up the stages, many celebrities joined the various Coachella pre and post parties.
The music festival wave is hitting America hard and, in my opinion, is here to stay for quite some time.

Above is a video from pearljamfan2012’s youtube channel. This is Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Coachella performance.


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