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New Samsung Galaxy S4 “Phone”

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My Facebook news feed was littered with people proclaiming how they couldn’t wait to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S4. Seeing all these status updates just made me wonder if it was too soon for a new Samsung phone. Didn’t the S3 just come out? Or is it just all my friends prefer Apple to Samsung?

Regardless, I decided to do some investigating and see if the S4 would really be that much better, and it looks to be a pretty good model. There are the standards like optimized retina display, more megapixels in both of the cameras on the device, enlarged screen for more viewing, and so on. As I watched the video made by Samsung detailing all of the improvements to this new model, something occurred to me. No where in the video does it mention that it is an actual phone.

I suppose with technology we have done as much as we can with an actual phone service. We already have speaker phone, speed dial, and blue tooth enabled headsets. It seems to be that now we have done as much as we can on the phone aspect of this device, now the manufacturers seem like they are just trying to cram as many features into one device as they can, and most of those features have to do with multimedia.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has two 13 megapixel cameras and a 1080p screen. Multiple phones can be used to create a stereo system for any time your friends decided to have a random dance party in your living room. All of our concerns with phones now are about multimedia. How good are the pictures I can take? Will the sound be good in my videos? How many songs with my phone hold? It’s all about multimedia. It has taken over our lives.

I’m not necessarily complaining about it. It is more convenient to not need to carry around one device for calls, one device for music, and a completely separate camera for taking pictures. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting this new phone for myself. I just found it interesting how multimedia has become so important to us that now mobile devices completely focus on that and no longer about how it works as a phone.


Written by yolandacruz93

April 18, 2013 at 3:14 am

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