Multimedia StoryTelling

By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Multimedia Storytelling #3 My Family:)

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In my Multimedia Storytelling class, or next assignment was to take photographs by using the rule of third, which we learned in class. This was a very fun assignment and I enjoyed taking all of my pictures.


This first picture is a picture of my mom when we were in Alabama. We had a lot of fun that day. The rule of third used here was a medium shot. As you can see, my mom’s body is in the first vertical grid of the rule of third.


The following picture is a picture of my baby=) He was actually trying to get a treat from my mom. Since this picture was taken, he always tries to eat our table food. This is an example of an extreme close up. My dog’s head touches all four of the grid lines.


This last picture is a picture I took of the sunset when my family and I went to Dauphin Island, Alabama. It was very cold that day, especially on the beach. =O The sun is on the vertical line of the rule of third.This is also an example of a medium shot.


Written by Keionda Hearts Books

March 20, 2013 at 1:00 am

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