Multimedia StoryTelling

By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Photography Assignment

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This photo demonstrates the rule of thirds. The stop sign is in the far right corner of the picture while the road takes up the majority of the rest of the picture. I was passing through Lumberton on my way to the coast with some friends when we came across this road and its peculiar name. I thought it was interesting so we stopped and took pictures of it.


This demonstrates depth of field. The flower is the main focus, and the background is blurred to bring the viewer’s attention straight to it. The picture has a small depth of field. Every year these flowers pop up around my house, and they’re my favorite. It had just rained the night before I took this and you can see that the petals are kind of shriveled and wilted.

Arizona 058

This photo demonstrates perspective. From this point of view, it appears the saguaro cactus is very tall. The way I took this photo shows how it appeared to me when I was standing by it. I took this on my recent trip to Arizona when I visited the Saguaro National Park in Tucson. It was a clear day and the lighting was perfect for this photo.


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