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My Pets: Assignment #3 Photography

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The Future Depression Family

The first photo (to the left) is using the Rule of thirds by positioning the objects in the photo being divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically (like a grid).

This is a photo of my dog relaxing outside on Friday afternoon. I call it “The Future.” She is her most comfortable when she is at home, and by shooting it outside I showed her isolated from her owners, all the noise that occurs inside the house on the weekends and free to ponder her own thoughts of the future.

The middle photo is displaying a “High Angle” shot by being shot highly above my dog, diminishing her size.

This is another shot of my beautiful dog, Bella. She is obviously sick and tired of the same dog food brand she was fed once again that day. I call this one “Depression.” Just to go on the record, my dog is not depressed, she is simply a good actress. She is fed up with her day-to-day routine and atmosphere and needs a change.

The last photo (to the far right) is displaying the rule of “Non-symmetrical Balance”. The larger head of the dog in front balances the smaller dog’s head in the back.

This is a photo of both of my dogs relaxing in the house on a sunny afternoon. I like to call this one “Mi Familia.” They are house dogs but more importantly they are family. They look very different when they are up and moving, but in this photo, they couldn’t be and look more alike. This shot shows that you can find tranquility in the simplest of images, i.e. in two dogs taking a mid-day nap.


Written by annafrancis2013

March 17, 2013 at 2:28 am

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