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Best Dunk of the Year??

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The name on NBA fans all over world for the past 6 days has been DeAndre Jordan of the LA Clippers. The 2008 2nd Round draft pick stunned fans on March 10, 13 by executing an “Ally-OOP” style dunk over Detroit’s Brandon Knight. This dunk was surprising to members of both teams, but specifically Knight.

The Dunk was said to be better than any dunk seen by Blake Griffin (#32), a player made popular for dunking. Even Griffin had great feedback saying, “That was the best dunk of the year and the best I’ve seen in person.” Even though his was on the bench at the time of the dunk, he quickly stood up to credit his teammate.

Jordan (#6) added a spark to an already lit flame in the 2nd quarter, as the Clippers were already up leading the game at 57-36. The team is currently ranked #5 with a 45-20 record for the season thanks to leading players along side Jordan like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

It is said that the dunk was especially dedicated to Griffin after a dunk his displayed earlier in the same game before he with to the bench for the remainder of the game. The LA Clippers won against Detroit with a final score of  129-97.


Written by annafrancis2013

March 17, 2013 at 1:11 am

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