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Is social media too revealing?

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For as long as I can remember knowing about the Internet, adults were always lecturing me about being safe on the Internet. Never share your passwords with anyone. Make sure you always logout of any computer you use. As things like chat rooms and social media sites became more prevalent, we just got more safety lectures. Don’t talk to people you don’t know. Don’t give out your real phone number or home address, in some cases don’t even give out your real name. However, with things like Facebook, where our friends on there are indeed (or at least should be) people we know in real life. They know our real names and phone numbers, so it’s ok to put that kind of information on our social networking profiles, right?

Well, not always. Obviously, if you want people to find you, you should use your real name. However, I personally don’t put things like my phone number or address on my profile. We have all probably seen those made for television movies where someone (usually a girl from what I have seen) accepts a friend request from someone she might not really know but lives in the area and is around the same age, so she accepts. They talk, and they eventually agree to meet some place. Turns out this other person is some creep who does horrible things to this girl that I will not mention on this blog. Some times the friend request even comes from someone the girl would actually know, but it is really some else posing as that person. The point is best illustrated with this meme.


But we’re wiser now. Most people I know now will not accept friend requests from people they don’t actually know. And some social media sites don’t even allow for such information to be shared. On Pinterest, people don’t even talk to one another really. They just basically “like” and archive certain pictures and videos. It’s basically like having an online bulletin board. Friends can follow your boards and see when you have pinned something new. Sounds harmless enough.

However, as one reporter for for ABC News stated, maybe even Pinterest is revealing people’s secrets. Lauren Effron didn’t know her friend Megan Daniels was pregnant until Effron saw Daniels pinning picutres of maternity outfits and nursery decorations. When asked Daniels admitted she and her husband were expecting. However, what if Daniels had wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, waiting until she had the chance to tell her friends in person to get their reactions. In the article, Effron says the husband of her friend even told his wife not to pin anything related to the matter for a certain amount of time. The husband knew that nothing on these social media sites can be kept secret. So does this mean social media reveals our secrets?

Some argue that no one is forcing these people to put all of this information on these social media sites. If people are willing to reveal all of this information voluntarily then it is the fault of no one else to know so much about them. Still, it is different with Pinterest. Knowing someone is going to be at a certain event because they RSVP to it on Facebook and even post a status update saying they are on their way is slightly different than knowing someone is getting married because they suddenly start pinning a bunch of wedding dress photos. It is a testament to how much things like pictures and videos really say. As a society, we are reverting back to not even really needing words to communicate. Thanks to Pinterest, social media and multimedia are becoming more integrated than ever before.


Written by yolandacruz93

February 27, 2013 at 11:55 pm

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  1. You raise a lot of great points about privacy online. My rule of thumb is to assume people can find out anything I post, so I am careful to edit what I post. I agree with you about not giving our your address or phone. It is a little safer once you have a business phone to give out. It also is a good idea to create an email just for yourself online that is different from the one that friends use.


    March 3, 2013 at 9:11 pm

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