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Does Black History Month Keep America Separated?

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It is black history month. And, yes, I revere African-American heroes like W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey and Ida Well, to name a few.  But I think black history month is wrongly represented. If one were proud of his/her blackness, black history would and should be celebrated everyday.

  The University of Southern Mississippi and Men of Excellence held a panel to discuss issues that affects African Americans like education, public policies and media.  Alice Ivas, USM graduate student, who was raised in a trailer park, explained that trailer parks are not different than projects.  There are teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and crime. So, the same issues that effect black people effects white people.

   “Eminem said, look, this is what goes on in trailer parks,” said Ivas. “We are all broke.”

I explained to the panel that I connect with a white professor, Dr. Greene, on more of a personal level than I do Dr. Jenkins, who is the only black professor that I have.

When black history month was created I think it was needed. But I think the celebration has been taken out of context. Now, kids only want to be part of Dr. Martin Luther King parades so he/she can ride in a nice car or big truck. And by the time he/she graduates high school or college their black history knowledge reaches no farther than MLK, Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks.

Yes, racism still exists, but today’s racism will not hinder African America from chasing his/her dreams, unlike Jim Crow laws.   If a white business owner follows me around in the store, I’m not going to get mad and not go to school. Or say that all white people are racist.

Black History Month keeps us separated. Or it limits the celebration of black leaders to one month of the year. MLK was not a just a black leader, he was an example that all americans could follow. And his agenda was to make america better, not black america. And the same can be said for Frederick Douglass, W.E.B Dubois Ida B. Wells, to name a few.


Written by dvrobertson80

February 20, 2013 at 7:49 pm

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