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By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

La Blogtheque music blog films a take away show with Local Natives

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La Blogtheque is a web-video project that films sessions with new and upcoming musicians. I am subscribed to several different music blogs on youtube, but La Blogtheque definitely takes the cake in my eyes. Every single one of their videos is creative, original, rare and beautifully filmed. They also have an amazing knack for discovering some of the most talented artists before they become really popular. I’ve discovered some of my favorite bands through La Blogtheque, including the one featured in this video called Local Natives. I’m fascinated at how La Blogtheque tells the story and allows you to get feel of each artist through the use of creative videography and without conducting any kind of formal (and let’s admit it, sometimes boring) interviews. Filming and editing for a music web-blog like La Blogtheque is my dream job.


Written by Shanning Celeste Newell

February 19, 2013 at 3:29 am

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