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Hattiesburg Hit with EF4 tornado

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Shortly after 5p.m. on February 10th,2013  Hattiesburg experience the wrath of a EF4 tornado. It is a day  Hattiesburg residents will remember years from now.

The tornado had winds of 170 MPH. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. The tornado damaged eight buildings on the Southern Miss campus. The alumni House was destroyed. Over 60 people were treated at hospitals. The good news is there were no fatalities.

The majority of Southern Miss students were off campus. There were some students who stayed on campus. They were brought to the first floor of their resident halls during the tornado. Jimmy Johns provided sandwiches for residents of Roberts Hall.

There were road blocks around campus, and students that were not on campus received an eagle alert warning them to stay away from campus until further notice. There were cars that have been severely damaged Sunday afternoon. President Barack Obama declared a federal disaster in Mississippi.

There was a campus cleanup Wednesday for students and volunteers that wanted to help clean the campus. Hundreds of volunteers came out to help. Volunteers meet at the Theater and Dance Building and were assigned certain areas to clean up.  Much of the trees and debris that blocked the roads were cleaned up.

Scott Peak of the Base hunters storm chase team recorded the video below of the tornado as it made its way into Hattiesburg.


Written by Anthony P

February 17, 2013 at 9:30 am

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