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USM’s Stage Monkeys do not disappoint

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Each member of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Stage Monkeys started off Thursday night’s show in Joseph A. Greene Hall by lurking through the audience toward the stage while singing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” a song from the Disney movie “Mulan.” This was very fitting for their theme, which was just quirky randomness.

The audience seemed to be mostly made up of regulars, with just a few first timers like me. Blake Bush, a first time spectator of the Stage Monkeys, quite liked the musical touch and enjoyed the show.

I wondered if all shows started off like this. When I asked if the Stage Monkeys always open with a song, Kacee Courtney, a psychology major at USM and a fan of the comedy troupe, confirmed they did not, and that “it’s just random.” In fact, that is how the host opened the show after the impromptu Disney song. “It’s completely random,” he said.

The monkeys, as they call themselves, performed a variety of improv skits pulled from a hat in front of a very receptive audience that was full of ideas and suggestions. Voices were muddled together when the signal was given by the host of the show to yell out suggestions, and audience members eagerly volunteered for the chance to pull a skit from the hat.

After the skit was chosen, the host of the show gave the gist of what the skit consisted of and the Stage Monkeys acted it out. The audience snapped their fingers when an actor was close to the correct answer of whatever issues another actor had or when an item or phrase was mentioned, and clapped loudly when the answer was right.

The Stage Monkeys were creative and competent with their quick wit and acting skills; they never let an awkward silence pass, and were quick with jokes and humor that the college crowd understood.

I think with every comedy show there is much to be unexpected, and that makes the show that much better. Every show is different from the last.

This was my first time seeing the Stage Monkeys perform, and I absolutely loved it! I loved the spontaneity and the quick wit. There was never a dull moment. I look forward to attending more shows, and I hope more people will discover the hilarity that is USM’s Stage Monkeys.



Written by Leah

February 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm

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