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New Orleans Night parades more interesting than day parades?

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So, over the Mardi Gras break, my family and I took a trip to New Orleans to attend some of the Night parades. Since New Orleans is a popular tourist attraction during Mardi Gras,while there I decided to ask the question of whether night parades were more interesting than day parades in New Orleans? I decided to survey a couple of people between the ages of 18030.
I asked my sister who is 19, whether she prefered day or night parades. Surprisingly she told me she liked day parades better. The reason being, she likes to to be able see what’s going on around her clearly.

I asked my cousin, Leo Garrett, 27, the same question. He told me he liked night parades better. He told me his favorite part of night parades was the fact that people throw glow sticks from the floats. He also told me there just seemed to be more things happening at night parades.

The last person I interviewed was my Uncle Shannon,30.He told me he enjoyed night parades more than day parades. He told me he enjoys seeing the bright lights of the floats. He also told me that he likes to catch the many interesting things that are thrown from the floats.

Below I have included two links. The first link is of a basic night parade in New Orleans, while the second is a picture of day parade in New Orleans:

In my opinion, night parades hold more interest for me. As strange as it sounds, it seems like you are able to catch more things. During day parades, people on the floats will look at you while you are screaming your lungs out for a pair of beads and ignore you. During night parades, in the midst of hundreds of people where the throwers can’t really see individual people, it seems like more items are thrown. I uploaded a picture of one of the many night parades we saw that night in New Orleans.


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February 14, 2013 at 8:05 pm

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