Multimedia StoryTelling

By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Joel Meyerowitz’s Audio Slideshow

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Joel Meyerowitz: Back Story
Street photographer Joel Meyerowitz uses an audio slideshow to explain the meaning behind his photography. Each photograph has a captivating back story. I thought this was a neat and interesting use of multimedia storytelling.
In the audio slideshow Meyerowitz says, “Photography is brilliant at describing, and yet not letting you know.” I thought that was an interesting quote, and it makes sense. It relates to the whole point of the slideshow, and how he is telling people more about each picture and how much more there is to it. I find his work inspiring.
I love how he describes his pictures through this medium, complete with music to go along with the story he is telling. It seems like a very effective way to get his meaning out there for everyone to know. This is very well put together, and I enjoyed watching and learning about his techniques and the stories behind the pictures.

Written by Leah

January 31, 2013 at 2:18 pm

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