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Bloodline: AIDS and Family, a multimedia story

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BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family is Kristen Ashburn’s intimate portrait of African mothers, fathers and children being crushed by AIDS. Ashburn’s work connects us to these people deeply; we learn that only through such connection is hope possible. See the project at

“Bloodline: AIDS and Family” is a multimedia story by Kristen Ashburn. The story follows the effects of HIV on families living in Africa. Ashburn documents the story of these families’ plight, but she does not tell it herself.  She allows her subjects to tell their own story, accompany their narrative with photographs.  The photographs are by far the strongest part of this story. They are raw, intimate, striking photos of the true deprivation these individuals face.  They are beautiful images, which will only haunt one after viewing Ashburn’s production. The only question I had after viewing this multimedia story, was where in Africa the story was focused. Africa is an entire continent, so I feel like it would have been useful to maybe detail that information a bit more.


Written by dustymercier

January 31, 2013 at 1:37 am

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