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RG 3 Injured: The Hopes and The State of the Washington Redskins

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From a franchise who finished at the bottom of the NFC east a year ago, the Washington Redskins were on sight to show the football world a full transformation. After drafting high talented quarterback, Robert Griffin III (RG3), Washington fans were full of excitement and curiosity  of how their team would compete this year. RG3 transformed the Washington Redskins franchise. Going from a 6-10 record to a 10-6 record in just one year under first year coach Mike Shannahan, Redskins fans and fans of the NFL began to look at the Redskins differently. Although Griffin had much success during the regular season, he faced some injuries that would foreshadow his quarterback abilities to Redskins and NFL fans. He suffered from a minor concussion and knee injuries throughout the season. As a result of his leg injury, it tremendously hurt them during the NFC Wildcard Game against the Seahawks. Griffin is very versatile as a quarterback. It was evident that his excellent mobility skills were lacking during the game. Thus, he further injured himself in the game in which now he is faced to have a major surgery on his MCL. After losing the game to the Seahawks, fans and NFL critics questioned whether he should have played in the game and what is the future for the Redskins franchise.

Honestly, critics will forever have opinions and judgments about whether Griffin should have played. He is the franchise player. Without him, they would have not been in the position to make the playoffs and turn this franchise around. I feel Griffin will work his way through surgery and be ready to be back on the football field next season. From watching him his years at Baylor University, he is motivated and a hard worker. He will take upon any challenge given to him. Thus, the Redskins are in a good state to be a strong NFC east team next year.


Written by Wilton Jackson

January 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm

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