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Clinton Gets Passionate

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Who said women shouldn’t be involved in politics? Yes, there are still guys out there who do not feel like women should be involved in politics. I didn’t realize we were still living in 1870. The main argument I have heard is that women are just too emotional, that they won’t make rational decisions when the pressure is on them. Well maybe these men should realize that emotion isn’t always a bad thing. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton certainly knew when to let them show. On Wednesday Clinton faced Republican critics of the way her department handled the terrorist attack in Libya this past September that killed the United States Ambassador and three other Americans.

In this video, one can actually see Clinton cares about what happened to these people. There is no denying that she is really feeling something here, and everyone is able to see her face, to hear her voice, and really feel what she is feeling. Maybe some people would view her as weak for showing that emotion. I think that just shows she is human. I feel like most people think our politicians don’t really care about anything but furthering their own agendas. After seeing this, I actually have more respect for Clinton now. She definitely inspires me to get into politics one day. Being a woman is nothing to hold me back.


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January 23, 2013 at 6:49 pm

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