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You Will Be Safe: Eating Disorders at a Glance

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In the riveting audio slideshow by Simona Ghizzoni, called Odd Days, images of barely there females fill the screen. Image after image of women whose bodies have been ravaged by eating disorders play in a seemingly endless cycle. This is particularly powerful for a few reasons.

1.) I am a woman, and in fact a woman who once struggled with an eating disorder. I understand the realities of this disorder and how it gets into your head, and this slideshow hauntingly shows just that.

2.) It is very powerful to see a media example of women with eating disorders as many of these disorders could be linked to the media itself and the influence it has on young women. Women are constantly bombarded with information as to who they should be and how they should look. When they fail to live up to a false standard they begin to resort to terrible methods to achieve “beauty”.

3.) The photography was beyond wonderful. Every picture was powerful, not a single shot felt wasted or out of place.

4.) The soundtrack was both interesting and effective. It was a sound loop which repeated things like “you will be safe” and “you will be loved” over and over again. It was so powerful because you were not sure what the voices were meant to imply. Were they telling the girls they’d be rescued? That they would no longer need to mutilate their bodies in this way. Or were the voices encouraging the girls to continue, saying if they did they would be safe and loved? It’s uncertain, but thought provoking.


Written by jamiecw

December 5, 2012 at 8:13 am

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