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Radical Faerie Sanctuaries: Examining life in Idyll Dandy Acres

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Recently, while reading through stories on Multimedia Muse, I came across a brief summary and picture that was so intriguing that it led me to America Recycled and their piece on a small town in Tennessee that does things… differently.

Idyll Dandy Acres is one of the first radical faerie sanctuaries in existence. They were started as a sort of safe haven and community for homosexual men who have taken the term often used derogatorily, “fairy” and given it a new spelling and a new meaning. These men see themselves as somewhat different from other homosexual men and the rest of the LGBTQ community.  The article states:

“Faeries would go to gay pride and the gay men would just be horrified,” remembers Phil. “They didn’t want to be associated in any way with these people who were so wacky looking and cross-dressed. They wanted gay people to be perceived the same as the straight community. There was a conscious effort by the Faeries to shove it down mainstream gays’ throats that being gay isn’t like being straight except for being with other men. It is inherently different. And it’s really cool and really fun.”

The video was very interesting and gave a very unique view of a very unique community.


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