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New York Post picture of subway victim raises ethical questions

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Note: This post was updated a few hours after the original posting with the iMedia Ethics link.

A picture taken by a freelance photographer of a man about to get run over by a New York City subway train has raised issued about ethics this week. Apparently, there was some type of fight on the subway tracks, and a man got pushed onto the tracks. A freelance photographer shot a pretty amazing picture of the man, hanging from the edge of the platform literally seconds before he got hit and killed by an incoming train.

The debate has been over whether the photographer should have helped the man, rather than made the picture.

Here is a look at the picture and some more details on the story. Here is an excerpt from the photographer’s appearance on the Today Show, defending his decision to shoot the picture. He argues that he was too far away to save the man. Here’s a more full look at the whole story, including the photographer’s claim he was snapping pictures while using his flash to alert the train to the guy’s plight. iMediaEthics makes the case that the photos appear too well-composed to make the photographer’s story believable.

Today is our last day of class, and we will discuss: What would you do? Was the photographer right or wrong?


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