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By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Examining Sexual Scandal in the Los Angeles Unified School District

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An article published on the L.A. Times website in May of 2009 examined various cases of sexual abuse reported within the L.A. Unified School District over the past decade. The article revealed a shocking number of accusations brought against district employees. However, many of these employees wound up remaining in the school system after initial accusations and were only moved to another school, where they continued in their indecent and lewd acts with children. The article contained detailed stories about four of the many accusations.

The following picture slide show accompanied the article and was told from the perspective of one of the boys who was molested and his mother. In it they spoke about one of the accused, a teaching aide who worked with the boy over a period of three years and repeatedly sexually assaulted him.,0,3436771.htmlstory

paul thompson

Pictured above is Paul Thompson the man accused of sexually assaulting the boy who spoke in the audio slide show. The slideshow is heart wrenching and deeply moving. The pictures are not always great as none of them directly show the victim or his mother, keeping their faces always obscured. However, the audio that is provided of the boy telling his story and his mother talking about it greatly makes up for any ways the pictures may be lacking.


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