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Powerball Jackpot winners are Hardworking Americans

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Powerball Jackpot winners are Hardworking Americans

Today, the owners of one of the two winning tickets sold in the power ball jackpot lottery came forward. The jackpot totaled $5.87 million. The winners can choose to take their part of the winnings in a lump sum or monthly payments over 30 years. 

The winning family is the Hill family of Dearborn, Missouri. People often hope that lottery winners are hardworking people that deserve it. The Hill family fits that description.

According to this article, Mark Hill is a mechanic at meat processing plant. His wife Cindy was an office manager before she was laid off. The family has three adult sons and a six year old daughter who was adopted from China. 

The Hills are a solid working class family that wants to use their winnings to do good. They plan on  adopting another child and helping their relative’s children pay for college.

This photo slideshow shows the family with their oversized check, as well as the excitement prior to the drawing. 


Written by apriljana

November 30, 2012 at 6:51 pm

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