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Whoa! Man with the world’s largest arms!

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I had to click on this article  just based off the title alone! A man by the name of Moustafa Ismail currently holds the record for the largest arms by 31 inches (practically the size of my waist). Many would assume he uses steroids of some sort, but Ismail denies all claims and has even had investigations take place on his widely-famous biceps.

This article really told the story well and I felt the use of print, pictures and video all helped the viewer really understand the ultimate message of the story which is basically about a man with gigantic muscles. The print aspect of the piece served as an element of detail. I was able to read about Ismail’s diet routine and how often he works out which are questions many readers/viewers would like to know.

The pictures, although most would say they didn’t need to be apart of the story with the video already provided, I felt the way the photos were placed throughout the story was smart. The video was really effective especially having all that b-roll of the subject working out. The viewer wants to SEE those things. I also liked the aspect of the video where Ismail was taking off his shirt because oddly enough I was wondering in my head “How does he get such tight shirts on and off?”, and they showed him taking it off which was a huge plus for me because it showed that the videographer was keeping the audience in mind when filming, and that’s something journalists should always keep in mind when covering stories.

Always ask yourself “What would my viewers want to see? Is this good enough? What haven’t I covered?” Questions like that will help make the story more effective and help build a bigger impact on the viewer.


Written by williamcrosby301

November 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm

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