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Miranda Cosgrove Goes to College…bye bye iCarly?

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While I may not be familiar with Nickelodeon’s ‘iCarly’, I am familiar with Miranda Cosgrove and the huge impact she’s made on television the past few years. In this article by Donna Freydkin of USA TODAY, reader pretty much gets a background on Cosgrove’s life at the beginning and then the writer starts discussing Cosgrove’s transition from her hit television show to college life.

A video was provided to give the reader with a more intimate view of Cosgrove as she discussed her decision to end the show and focus on her studies, and while I understand that the mood was meant to be casual, I would have to say that this was not a great example of using video to make an impact to the viewer. The story honestly could’ve been fine without the video being featured in it. For long periods of time I found myself being bored staring at a girl getting her nails done and awkwardly sitting on a couch. The video was just too long in my opinion.

I feel that the video would’ve been better if they would’ve done it in a different setting because no matter how fascinating you want to think getting your nails done may seem….it’s not (sorry ladies). I would have liked to have seen Miranda on campus perhaps or just her interacting with students or anything college related with her involved would have helped me understand the story more. It just felt like I was watching her go on and on about her career and her experience thus far on campus. The video wasn’t really bad, but I just didn’t feel it impacted the story fully. USA TODAY should try thinking more creatively when it comes to their videos especially since they’re an established news source.

Maybe it was me, but I preferred the print aspect of this multimedia example.


Written by williamcrosby301

November 29, 2012 at 6:37 pm

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