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Injured Soldier Finding New Normal

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Injured Soldier Finding New Normal

The Hard Road Back: A Future Reset, a video from the New York Times, is a compelling look at the life of a young injured soldier adjusting to life at home. He lost his arm when he was hit by a IUD. 

It’s an honest look at the hard road back to normal life. He overcomes severe nerve pain in addition to emotional pain: grieving his fellow soldiers who died. He also is unable to do the physical things he once could. He gives an example of assembling furniture. He watched his wife put the furniture together instead of doing it for her. That was a big adjustment for hime to make.

He seems to be a sad man, but he also is strong and on the path to “a new normal”.

His story is so much like those of other amputee veterans. Covering this as a video story makes it so much more personal and relatable.


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