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Greasy Good Food… and a Potential Lawsuit..?

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The chairman of Waffle House, Joseph Rogers Jr. has been accused of sexually harrassing his personal assistant and house keeper… For around TEN years. The details in the police report were published online by the Marietta Daily Journal. The police report was dated September 28, 2012 and listed accusations of when the woman started working for him in 2003 to May 2012. A Georgia attorney by the name of David Cohen, is one of the attorneys that will be representing the woman and he said, Rogers filed a lawsuit against the woman on September fourteenth, and five days later she in turn filed one against him. However, Cohen did not say what exactly the lawsuits entailed. The report states that, she “was forced to endure the harassment and demeaning treatment by Rogers because she was a single mother and needed her job to support herself and her son.”  It has also been reported that she resigned in June, and her son has received a full scholarship (the article did not say to what school or where the scholarship came from though.)

The link to the story is below, in case anybody wants to read it:


Written by alaiyabenjamin

November 11, 2012 at 12:11 am

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