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She came, she saw, she conquered…..

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Hurricane Sandy has been under close supervision by me ever since she was a little tropical “cyclone.” Sandy originally made landfall in Kingston Jamaica, October 24th, which is when she officially earned her title as a hurricane. This alarmed me severely because my dad and his wife had taken a two week vacation and were traveling around Jamaica. After he notified me via e-mail (the phone circuits were not working at the time) that they were okay I was still a little worried, but not as much. At the beginning of last week, they made their way back to the states and were going to be back and fort between New York and DC to handle business. Hurricane Sandy decided she would wait a few days and then come back and meet them in the United States also.

While Sandy was residing in Jamaica, she left around 70% of the residents without power, took a couple of roofs off of buildings and caused an estimated amount of $55.23 million in damages. In Haiti, she left around 200,000 homeless. The Bahamas are facing an estimated $300 million in damages. New York City shut down almost all methods of travel from planes to trains, Wall Street was shut down and according to Times she has caused about $20 billion in property damages and anywhere from $10 to $30 billion in lost business funds. That is going to take a lot of time and money to rebuild, and while there really is not much of a bright side to stuff like this at least they were somewhat prepared and knew ahead of time.
A lot of people thought that Hurricane Sandy was being blown out of proportion, simply because New Yorkers and those up north that were anticipating her are not too accustomed to hurricanes. While it may have seemed like people were working themselves up into a frenzy, after reading about the damages on the following links, I definitely think she was underestimated:


Written by alaiyabenjamin

November 6, 2012 at 1:09 am

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