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By the students of MCJ300 at The University of Southern Mississippi

Oops! Woman Makes Huge Billing Mistake!

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What would you do if you realized that you accidentally payed your gas bill with $18,000 instead $18? You’d probably be as frantic as Debra Tupper who made this mistake while paying her gas bill online. It’s an unfortunate dilemma, but I’m sure people will resort to traditional banking after seeing the video (I won’t of course). In this wonderful example of multimedia storytelling we see some of the many components that we’ve gone over in previous lectures dealing with several video elements such as audio from interviews leading over different clips and several more.

I admired the way this video was constructed. Whatever the speaker was referring to, there was always a shot to support what was being spoken about. The moment the video begins we hear, “Debra Tupper works as a hairstylist in…”, and along with what’s being said you see Tupper actually doing a customer’s hair. For instance, whenever the speaker or source spoke about paying bills online, there was either a shot of Tupper using the computer or a graphic of a random person typing on a keyboard. Even when the speaker discussed the cost of the bill, there was screenshot of the computer with the Tupper’s paid bill panning across the screen. I think what I’m trying to say is, journalists should really understand that with the use of video for news, the reader should never feel lost in the story.

Every element of the video should tie in. Shot after shot. It’s like making a masterpiece (although that’s a far strech from this particular subject). This video could also be a good example to refer to for the upcoming video assignments in regards to the way it was constructed. From the interview with the source and shots of her reenacting the billing fiasco, it all plays a part in the story.


Written by williamcrosby301

November 2, 2012 at 9:19 pm

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  1. Scary story. I agree with you that the video works well in telling the story in a way that couldn’t be done in print.


    November 26, 2012 at 5:59 pm

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