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Mother’s Cry for Help Ignored

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In the midst of hurricane Sandy, I’m sure we’ve all seen the many horrible images or what the hurricane has done to several cities. We’ve heard about the death toll and the excessively high cost of damages Sandy has triggered, but this sad video about a  mother  who risked her life to save her two sons, who eventually died, is beyond tragic. While the message of the video is undeniably depressing, I must say that the reporter and his team did a fantastic job making the piece.

The way Gary Tuchman opens the video segment with him talking and walking around the scene where it all took place was brilliant! It was like watching a ballet routine being executed (or something of that nature). The reporter was really interactive with the viewer. He grabbed me and took me on a tour of the scene where it took place and he ultimately told the story thoroughly with every detail intact. This was a perfect example of how a reporter should be interactive with their viewer and talk to them as if they’re there. I know it had to be difficult for the reporter to keep his composure and project his voice while walking around that unleveled ground.

The story was told very well. The cameraman really had to be in sync with the reporter as you can see from the way he followed the reporter as he walked around. This example really opened my eyes to another element of multimedia – the relationship between the reporter and camera. If you are telling a story that involves a crime scene or involves some time of environmental element in the story, you must really interact with your surroundings so the viewer can feel as though they are there with you. This tip will increase your viewer activity, and  you’ll be able to tell the story more effectively.


Written by williamcrosby301

November 2, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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